Undoubtedly an Italian chef works with Italian equipment

The owners as well as the chef are Italians representing the authentic Italian gastronomy for the past three years. The quality, patented ingredients are primarily sourced from Italy. Consequently it is evident that they ordered one of the top equipment of the Italian technological industry into their newest show-kitchen which has been happily operating ever since in Da Mario Budapest in Vécsey street.

The head chef has performed a thorough screening on the market before choosing (and of course convincing the owners) these high-tech equipment. He dreamed of a cooking island at least 4 meter long and 2 meter wide, which has been assembled using some of the 900 models of AngeloPo Alpha, thus fits the complete menu he prepares on a daily basis. Another important factor was to have a perfect ventilation system without compromises – he was simply fed up with having to cook in a hurry in narrow spaces without decent ventilation and in extreme heat.

When the owners of Da Mario finally had the opportunity to buy the empty apartment behind the kitchen, the small little kitchen could finally expand and the set of equipment could be redesigned. The kitchen has no tiles or grouts, therefore the cooking island as well as the surrounding stainless steel, cooled, marble implanted tables stand on a modern, lifted footing, that can be easily cleaned. The floor is made of casted epoxide, which can also be cleaned easily and what’s more is that the corners are easily approachable. Moreover, the epoxide partially covers the walls as well, giving a shiny outlook to the whole kitchen.

The enlarged cooking area is connected to the several preparation rooms in the basement by a double food elevator. The pasta, which is always fresh and home-made is also prepared in this preparation area as well as the patisserie including separate sinks. The upper cooking area finally provides a decent healthy work environment thanks to the new Dutch high performance ventilation system installed above the cooking island.